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I believe that the thoughts are not just to be thought but to put into action, put into discussion ! With the ideologies of Ninjutsu  I am looking forward to connect with all the modern day Ninjas who wish to either come out or guide us from the dark with the powered possessions known as “Knowledge”  and “Ideas”. 

The face is hidden but the thoughts are not !

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"Everyone wants to eat but only a few are willing to HUNT...
Let us hunt so that somebody can feed their brain !"

-The Internet Ninja

Origin of The Internet Ninja

As old as the art of ninjutsu has been, older still, is human curiosity. Even though the time immemorial, people never stopped asking, expressing, questioning the orthodoxical societal culture. A voice somewhere, somehow has always been raised. But history has not been kind to these “revolutionaries”. Most of them are forgotten in the sands of times, only to be conceded half a century later. Case and point: Industrial Revolution, Photography, Electricity are all products of such aspiring curious souls who were repressed in their time. As technology improves by generations, the world is getting smaller. It would not make sense if there are people still unheard. But in fact, there are almost as many unheard of revolutionaries as there were (accounting inflation). People find it interesting, as well as hard, to listen to someone speak out of the ordinary. The Internet Ninja is a tiny effort to row a ship into the vast open ocean of people raising their voice, expressing themselves, be it art, music, tech, sports… This Ship shall pick them up. Give them a solid ground, to make a stand. To survive the indifference, to soar above the concedence, to make a difference, however small, while they are still breathing.

In a word, The Internet Ninja is cathartic.